Mental health charities in Greater Manchester team up for Beelieve campaign

Beelieve Mental Health Campaign Image - family chatting via a video call

Mental health charities from across Greater Manchester have teamed up to create a new campaign, Beelieve.

The collaboration captures the spirit of Greater Manchester and will support individuals, families and communities who have been affected by COVID-19 both now and into the future.

The charities involved all work at the heart of communities across Greater Manchester supporting the mental health of a wide range of vulnerable and isolated individuals ranging from children through to adults.

Each charity is seeing new issues emerge as people try to cope with the complex social and psychological distress that COVID-19 and isolation can cause.

Beelieve aims to support these individuals by providing resources and equipment which will allow them to access emotional, therapeutic and practical help when and where it is needed both during and after the Covid-19 outbreak.

Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham, said: “We believe this is a really positive move to help tackle these difficult times and enable us to pull together as we all rebuild and reconnect.”

The Lottery Winners

Mancunian band ‘The Lottery Winners’ have also offered their support and will be donating profit from the sale of their new single ‘Love Will Keep Us Together’ and related merchandise to support this campaign.

Thom Rylance, Frontman of Lottery Winners, said: “Although this song was recorded a few months ago, I think the message is more prevalent now than ever. It’s a song of positivity about the power of connection during bleak times. We wanted to donate all of the proceeds for the single and the merchandise to Beelieve in Greater Manchester, because we think what they’re doing is really important.”

‘Love Will Keep Us Together’ is a timeless song of hope that so aptly reflects the challenges we face. The verses talk of the tough times we all share, and the choruses ring with warmth and love for that which really matters.

Alex Whinnom for Greater Manchester Centre for Voluntary Organisation said: “Isn’t it fantastic to have a local band like Lottery Winners giving such support to our local mental health charities! They are first line of support for Greater Manchester people in distress and really need and deserve this recognition.”

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