Manchester team studies mental health impact of COVID-19

A team of psychologists from The University of Manchester and Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust are studying how the COVID-19 crisis affects our mental health.

With the help of the public, the researchers hope to cast light on the psychological effect of pandemics, an area which is little understood.

Professor Adrian Wells, Dr. Lora Capobianco, and Dr. Karin Carter are leading the study.

Dr. Lora Capobianco, said: “The current coronavirus pandemic presents a threat and challenge to everyday life for everyone. Little is known about the psychological effects of pandemics but with your help we can discover more. We want to understand the nature and prevalence of emotional and stress symptoms and how they change with time in the general public.”

She added: “This information will help us to understand the psychological needs of people in circumstances like the present pandemic. And that will help us identify risk factors so we are better able to develop an effective psychological response and enhance peoples’ ability to cope. “

Anyone can take part, as long as they are over 18, by visiting the survey.

Participants will be asked to complete the questionnaire 3 times over a 12-week period. The online questionnaires should take around 25 minutes to complete each time.

If you would like to take part email:; or

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