Helping break unwelcome news during COVID-19

Unwelcome Conversations sketchnote

Health and care staff can now access materials and videos to support them through difficult conversations arising from the COVID-19 outbreak.

Health Education England has published the new framework, training materials and tutorials which can be accessed by staff communicating unwelcome news to patients and families.

The AHSN Network was part of a small group of people that helped pull this resource together in less than two weeks.

The framework includes posters and films based on the evidence base from Real Talk and then filmed with willing volunteers.

It aims to support staff to provide clear, compassionate communication during the COVID-19 outbreak, including the importance of listening, checking understanding and creating a safe space. The framework also emphasises the need for self-care for staff engaged in delivering unwelcome news.

An introduction to the framework “Discussion of Unwelcome News during the COVID-19 pandemic: a framework for health and social care professionals” can be accessed here.

The films can also be viewed here:

  1. The framework
  2. Community
  3. Breaking bad news
  4. Ceilings of treatment

Resources available include:

You can also follow #UnwelcomeNews on Twitter.

For more information about how the AHSN Network and Patient Safety Collaboratives are supporting patient safety during COVID-19 visit

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