Achieving digital care equity for all across Greater Manchester in challenging times: in conversation with the city region’s mayor.

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A new podcast exploring digital inclusivity in Greater Manchester featuring the city region’s mayor has been released by the NHS National Innovation Collaborative for digital health.

Mayor Andy Burnham discusses progress and challenges towards eradicating digital poverty and inequalities in health, care and beyond with Laura Rooney, Director of Strategy at Health Innovation Manchester.

They talk about Greater Manchester’s Digital Inclusion Action Network and the ambition of becoming a 100 per cent digitally-enabled city region with podcast host and digital nursing leader Anne Cooper.

Andy said: “Digital connectivity increasingly needs to be seen as the fourth utility, as critical as water, gas, and electric. We’ve got to take it away from the realms of being a ‘nice to have’ if you can afford it, to an essential that people need, if they’re going to live a healthy, involved and included life.”

Laura said: “Technology can be used effectively when you understand the needs of the patient and citizen. We’re looking at how we can use technology to deliver care in different ways and inclusivity is top of our priority list, as well as building the skills and capabilities of the health and care workforce to be able to participate in this agenda, to understand digital inequality and what that really means.”

The Innovation Collaborative is a learning and support network for health and care professionals across the country who are delivering local technology-enabled services to support people at home.

Listen to the podcast here

Previous collaborative podcasts including the episode: “Moving the dial towards digital inclusivity: people, purpose and the potential of technology-enabled remote monitoring” featuring Dr Bola Owolabi, NHS England Health Inequalities Improvement Programme Director and Roz Davies, Associate Director of Thrive by Design, are available via the following link: collaborative podcasts link

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