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University of Salford’s Health Innovation Festival!

University of Salford Campus

Get ready to embark on a journey into the future of healthcare innovation. Step into a world of cutting-edge research, technological innovation, and healthcare excellence as we showcase the incredible facilities and health-based expertise that make the University of Salford a hub for innovation.

Health Innovation Manchester (HInM) is an innovation organisation formed by health, civic and academic partners in Greater Manchester to harness the potential of research, innovation, and industry to address the city-region’s biggest health challenges. HInM has a partnership between the city’s four universities, including the University of Salford, to maximise Greater Manchester’s research and academic capacity and capability.

Through this partnership, we build and develop opportunities of value to the GM health and care system. HInM is supporting the University to showcase its leading assets and infrastructure that support cutting-edge research, innovation, and teaching.

This is a drop-in event, giving you the freedom to explore the areas that interest you.

Here’s what you can see when you visit us.

NERIC (North England Robotics Innovation Centre): NERIC is a cutting-edge facility focusing on robotics and automation, instrumental in advancing industry collaboration and innovation. It provides a unique space for SMEs to design, test, and validate innovations in robotics, automation, and AI, catering to sectors like healthcare technology, intelligent infrastructure, and smart cities. You can explore detailed information about the North of England Robotics Innovation Centre (NERIC) at the University of Salford by visiting their NERIC webpage.

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Medical Imaging Suite: The Centre for Medical Imaging at the University of Salford is a £2.87 million facility providing world-class resources for teaching, learning, research, and clinical provision. It features advanced equipment like the Revolution Maxima CT scanner and Discovery static digital X-ray systems. The centre includes a dementia-friendly imaging room contributing to research in this field.

Discover more about the Centre for Medical Imaging at the Medical Imaging Suite at The University of Salford

Podiatry Clinic: The Podiatry Clinic at the University of Salford is a comprehensive facility offering a range of treatments under expert supervision, addressing various foot problems, including nail surgery, biomechanical issues, and sports injuries. The clinic is an invaluable asset for both the community and student education in podiatry.

For more information, visit the  Podiatry Clinic at the University of Salford

ThinkLab: The ThinkLab at the University of Salford specialises in envisioning digital futures and tackling emerging global challenges. It offers a unique service and creative facilities for collaboration and co-creation, blending university teams with external partners. Utilising gaming technology, big data tools, and advanced visualisation, ThinkLab develops digital platforms and interactive experiences.

Explore more about ThinkLab at the ThinkLab at The University of Salford

Acoustics Lab: The Acoustics Research Centre has a rich 60-year history in acoustics and audio research, with funding from various councils, governments, and industries. Known for its significant impact in the field, the Centre boasts world-class laboratories, including listening rooms, reverberation rooms, and anechoic chambers.

Discover more about the Acoustics Research Centre at the University of Salford.

Simulation Suite: The Healthcare Simulation Suite is a state-of-the-art facility designed for practical skills development in health and social care. It features hospital rooms, a midwifery labour room, and advanced patient simulator manikins. The immersive simulation room allows for realistic scenario-based problem-solving.

Learn more about this innovative facility at the University of Salford’s Real World Learning page.

The Centre for Sustainable Innovation at the University of Salford, hosted by Salford Business School, is set to launch in January 2024. The Centre focuses on digital transformation and sustainability, bridging academia and business. It provides cutting-edge knowledge, skills workshops, and R&D support, fostering collaboration across disciplines. The Centre’s multi-disciplinary approach addresses complex challenges, driving sustainable change in the business ecosystem.

For more information, visit  The Centre for Sustainable Innovation Involvement

The University of Salford’s research on antimicrobial surfaces focuses on developing coatings to prevent the spread of diseases through touch, which is crucial for healthcare providers. Using chemical vapour deposition, this research applies thin layers of antimicrobial metals, such as copper, to surfaces frequently touched in healthcare settings. For more detailed information, please visit the  Salford Antibiotics Research Network

Digital Health

Digital applications provide new and sustainable ways of building capacity and capability in public health and social care systems, improving the lives of people with long-term conditions and bringing applied research to underserved communities. Our work in this area involves transdisciplinary collaborations across the health and social care professions. Our work in this field has been received from NIHR, Health Education England, Salford Clinical Commissioning Group, NHS X, Kidney Care UK.

Digital Health and Medical Imaging – Centre for Applied Health Research (salford.ac.uk)

Join us for a day of discovery and exploration! Attend our workshops to learn about cutting-edge research and innovation. Refreshments will be provided throughout the day as you network with experts in various fields.

Stay tuned for updates, and we’ll let you know when you can book your place on our guided showcase tours via Eventbrite.

We look forward to showcasing the future of healthcare and technology with you!

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