10:00 am - 12:00 pm

The future of health and care data and research in Greater Manchester: The Secure Data Environment

City Labs 1.0 and Online

The event is open to the health and care research and academic community to understand more about the opportunities the SDE will bring to Greater Manchester. Sign-up now and attend in person or online.


Greater Manchester, as part of a collaborative across the North-West, has begun to develop a sub-national Secure Data Environment for Research & Development into population health.

Secure Data Environments (formerly known as “Trusted Research Environments”) are highly secure computing environments that provide remote access to health data for approved researchers to use in health and care research that can save and improve lives. SDE’s put virtual walls around data to ensure that users can only access data for which they are approved and provide secure access to analytical and statistical tools for conducting research.

Work is underway in Greater Manchester to progress “lighthouse” studies or use cases that will first make use of the SDE and to prove its value to the GM health and care system.

This event will introduce GM’s work on the SDE, celebrate the work to date but also as a key milestone marking the future development of innovative health data infrastructure in Greater Manchester. A selection of lighthouse studies will be introduced to demonstrate the potential of the SDE.

10:00    Introduction

10:10     GM’s digital strategy for health and care and the role of the SDE

10:20    Introduction to GM’s SDE

10:35    Lighthouse Study Showcase

11:25     Panel discussion and audience Q&A

11:55     Event summary, wrap-up and close

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