2:00 pm - 4:30 pm

STEP INto Healthcare – Procurement in the NHS & Social Value


The aim of these webinars is to help Greater Manchester SME’s develop their products and pitch, for the healthcare sector. These sessions cover the healthcare landscape, procurement, pitch training and for some, may lead to an opportunity to pitch to Heads of Procurement based in Greater Manchester.

Designed for businesses in the life sciences sector with aspirations to scale-up, the webinars provide access to networks, strategic knowledge and market opportunities, through one-to-one support and a number of workshops with leading industry experts.

This webinar will look at Functions, Opportunities and Obstacles of NHS and Local Government Procurement. You’ll hear from NHS Procurement and Local, government procurement.

We’ll also discuss Social Value and how this is now an important factor for all commissioners and procurement contracts. You’ll learn about the various types of social value and how you can measure your social impact whether it’s economic, social or environmental.


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