Pedagogy seminar — The learning environment and singing off the same song sheet

Room 2.217, University Place, Oxford Road, The University of Manchester

Tuesday 27 November, 2018, 12noon - 1pm

The Academy for  Education and Professional Development: Pedagogy seminar — The learning environment and singing off the same song sheet

Delivered by: Professor Caroline Bowsher

When delivering a teaching session we use clear intended learning outcomes related to the individual session which often also link to broader programme aims. However an area we may not address is whether there are any unspoken rules and expectations underpinning a hidden curriculum. Do we as educators explain to learners why assessments have been developed in a particular way and why these might build in complexity over time? Or how we use the marking criteria to highlight these expectations?

This pedagogy seminar series session will use examples which explain assumptions made by the educators as a means of increasing transparency to the learner about assessment and feedback approaches used. The impact of this in terms of more explicitly supporting the learner in understanding our ‘unspoken’ expectations and why they matter will be explored.

On successful completion of this plenary session participants should be able to:

  • Identify areas where assumptions are being made about the teaching session around assessment and feedback which are not clearly communicated to the learner
  • Review an approach to supporting the learners understanding of assessment literacy
  • Consolidate knowledge to identify whether such resources can be developed to support specific learners

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The Academy for Education and Professional Development’s mission is “To ensure consistent high-quality development and delivery of educational programmes with student experience at their heart”.

Academy events are open to all those who contribute to the development, delivery and management of FBMH undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing professional development programmes including staff from across the University, the Manchester Academic Health Science Centre and our NHS clinical education partners. The Pedagogy Seminar Series provides a forum to discuss research undertaken and/or pedagogy literature of interest.

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