10:00:00 - 12:00:00

Masterclass – 55 Behaviours of Transformational Educators

University Place, 2.219, Manchester M13 9PS

This session aims to inspire behaviour change in those who teach.

We will highlight findings from our research which identifies the 55 core behaviours of ‘transformational educators’ and encourage participants to reflect upon ways in which they can adopt such behaviours and support colleagues to develop them too.

Intended learning outcomes of the session:

• Explain the principles of ‘transformational’ teaching.

• Identify the 55 core behaviours of transformational educators.

• Reflect upon ways in which teachers can adopt practices and behaviours in order to become a more ‘transformational’ educator.

• Discuss how this information might be used to inform staff development programmes.

• Consider how the observation of ‘educator’ behaviours could be used to assist in the recognition of teaching excellence.

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