Integrated Care Delivery Forum – London

Why attend?

PPP’s third phase of its integrated care policy programme centres around the Integrated Care Delivery Forum 2024. Following a successful May event in Birmingham earlier this year, the third phase concludes with another full day in-person event, this time hosted in London.

The Integrated Care Delivery Forum 2024 builds on the foundations of the ICS Roadshow and ICS Delivery Forum 2023, continuing to connect key health and care stakeholders for localised debate and networking. This year, the Delivery Forum focuses on developing impact-driven, results-orientated insights.

Working in close collaboration with ICSs and crucial providers, PPP has created a programme that highlights exactly how ICSs are making place based, personalised care a reality and the impact this is having on individual citizens and communities. Rather than discuss issues such as health inequalities in broad framing and terminology, the Delivery Forum asks local systems leaders and stakeholders to demonstrate exactly how integrated care systems can affect change in key health and care challenges.


New for 2024

The Delivery Forum will consist of three major theatres, hosting a carefully selected array of stakeholders and specialists, with each tackling a specific programme topic. The three theatres are:

  • Systems Transformation Theatre
  • Data-Driven Transformation Theatre, in partnership with AnalystX 
  • Medicines and Care Pathways Theatre, in partnership with the National Pharmacy Association 

System Transformation Theatre

Integrated care systems are only just entering their second year of existence and are at differing levels of maturity. While some ICSs have made good progress in developing system-level approaches to service delivery, they have all been hindered by wider service pressures, financial constraints and workforce shortages.

The System Transformation Theatre tackles some of the big debates in integrated care and will highlight new opportunities for wider sector reform. This is where senior system leaders will update local and national audiences on the progress of integrated care and how the sector is collaborating to improve health outcomes and reduce health inequalities.

Data-Driven Transformation Theatre

How the NHS and wider health and care system leverages data and analytics will be critical to the future of healthcare delivery. The ability to derive population health insights from data at a national scale promises to transform the relationship between citizens and the NHS, and enable the shift towards a modernised system that empowers individuals to stay healthy through personalised, holistic care.

The integration of data and analytics capabilities will be critical for the NHS, enabling better operational and business intelligence insights that will support effective and efficient resource allocation, ultimately improving patient care. System leaders need a forum through which they can connect with data and analytics experts, both locally and nationally.

In partnership with AnalystX, PPP is holding a Data and Analytics Theatre that will connect key national stakeholders and ICS leadership with analytics experts for interactive debate and discussion. These sessions will highlight data-driven case studies and help attendees develop locally responsive, data-driven health and care strategies, as well as explore how data analytics can drive resource optimisation, workforce planning and high-quality operational insights.

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