Improving Patient Safety & Care 2019: Continuous Learning, Measurement & Improvement

Royal Society of Medicine, London

Wednesday 6 February, 2019

As part of their ongoing series of conferences aimed at delivering key information and evidence based solutions in order to assist the communication and delivery of the NHS 5 yr forward view, Govconnect are proud to announce our inaugural Improving Patient Safety & Care conference taking place on February 6th 2019 at the Royal Society of Medicine, London. The conference will examine the implementation of the goals set out in NHS Englands next steps on the 5 year forward view.

Improving Patient Safety & Care 2019 and its pre and post conference communications will highlight the new pivotal role this branch will provide in safety improvement along with greater understandings of the established investigative methods which they will apply the intention of which is solely for the use of appropriate learning not apportioning blame or individual fault.

This inaugural conference will assess how the NHS are making are currently making a difference in regards to improved safety and care and how it intends to do so in the future through a transparent constantly evolving patient centred system. It is therefore a must attend in the conference calendar for any one involved in the provision of patient centred services across the NHS, be that frontline, clinical or board level personnel.

The conference will seek to positively disrupt the sector and provide a platform for both success and failures to be analysed. It will facilitate the sharing of ideas and plans for 18/19 and beyond whilst promoting new and innovative concepts, fresh thinking and strategic collaboration. With a focus on all post conference insight in turn leading to stimulated action. It is hoped this conference will enable all NHS employees to better manage safety and care across the system and adopt a whole system approach to achieving excellence in this regard.

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