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Demystifying regulations and commercialisation mini-series: Health Economics for SMEs – Driving the Future of Healthcare

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Demystifying regulation and commercialisation mini-series:

This event is part of the Demystifying regulation and commercialisation mini-series, hosted through the Christabel Pankhurst Institute for Health Technology Research and Innovation. These events, taking place in June and July 2021, are organised by Advanced Materials in Medicine (AMM), Translation Manchester, Digital Futures, the University of Manchester Innovation Factory, and the Institute of Data Science and AI.


This session has been designed specifically for organisations enrolled in the ERDF-funded Research and Innovation (R&I) Health Accelerator Programme, academics, clinicians and healthcare experts. As a valued member of this project, you have direct access to expertise and bespoke support to help progress your products and services towards commercialisation in the health and care system.

By attending this event, you will learn how Health Economics can strengthen your value proposition and how methods of economic evaluation can be used to present cost effectiveness and impact of health and care technologies. A Health Economics approach is a useful way of defining your customer segments, end users, and their key unmet needs, and determine whether your product/service can deliver value to them. It is also an approach that helps you to understand the adoption process, and work towards engaging with the right people at the right time.

This interactive session will be led by Dr Alexander Thompson (Research Fellow, Manchester Centre for Health Economics) and Bradley Quinn (Insight and Intelligence Lead, Health Innovation Manchester), who will use their experience and expertise to introduce you to a range of Health Economics modelling approaches and provide advice on how to develop your value proposition.

We will also be joined by Dr Martin Fergie, Lecturer in Health Sciences, and Sonia Nikolovski from The University of Manchester Innovation Factory and the ERDF R&I Health Accelerator:

Martin Fergie is a Lecturer in Health Data Science at the University of Manchester specialising in the use of artificial intelligence for medical image analysis. He is also the CEO of Spotlight Pathology, a spin-out developing clinical decision support tools for the diagnosis of blood cancers.

Sonia has over 10 years of experience working with University of Manchester academics to commercialise their innovations in life science and healthcare. Sonia will discuss how health economics is useful for the commercialisation of healthcare innovations developed at the University of Manchester, as well as a brief introduction to the ERDF R&I Health Accelerator programme which presents opportunities for healthcare researchers to collaborate with local SMEs.



Bradley Quinn (Insight and Intelligence Lead, Health Innovation Manchester)

Alex Thompson (Research Fellow, Manchester Centre for Health Economics, The Christabel Parkhurst Institute)

Sonia Nokilovski (UMIF Senior Project Manager, biomedical research)

Dr Martin Fergie (Lecturer in Healthcare Sciences)



14.00: Welcome and Introductions

14:05: An introduction to Health Economics for SMEs

14:15: Developing your Value Proposition

14:30: Academic case study who has used health economics

14:45: ERDF R&I Health Accellerator

14:55: Academic case study from Innovation Factory

15:05: Understanding Return on Investment for Commissioners

15:30: Open Discussion and Questions for the Experts


Only businesses enrolled onto the R&I Health Accellerator Programme can attend. If you are a business who is not enrolled onto the R&I Programme and would like to attend, please contact Helen Williams at helen.williams@bionow.co.uk.


Research and Innovation (R&I) Health Accelerator Programme

Not yet Enrolled in the Research and Innovation Health Accelerator Programme?

Are you an SME looking to collaborate with Greater Manchester’s research and innovation institutions? Would you like access to expertise and support for your business?

CONTACT US to discuss the programme further and to see if your company is eligible to enrol.

The project invites SMEs to collaborate with Greater Manchester’s research and innovation institutions to accelerate development and improve commercialisation of innovative healthcare products and services within life sciences.

SMEs will be able to access expertise and support including information about navigating the health and care system, developing value propositions, ethics & regulatory advice and access to university-wide expertise.

There will also be opportunities to build lasting research collaborations between SMEs, researchers, Greater Manchester universities, NHS organisations and the broader health innovation community. These collaborations will be used to share knowledge, address the barriers to adoption and co-develop proposals for research and development projects.

The programme, which is open now and will run until June 2023, will engage with SMEs across a range of health and care products and services, but with a particular focus on AI & digital technologies, medical devices, biosensors, genomics & precision medicine, diagnostics, biopharmaceuticals, and applications of advanced materials.

Eligible SMEs will be able to access two levels of support, both with a menu of support activities that can be mixed and matched to meet their specific needs.

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