5:00 pm

Growing the Longevity Economy – UK and Canada Ecosystems to Support (Digital) Health Innovators


The AHSN Network in the UK is working in partnership with the AGE-WELL network in Canada to bring you the fourth in its joint series of healthy ageing events, growing the longevity economy.

This 90-minute online event with Q&A will demonstrate how the ecosystems in both continents support digital health innovation – and will help anyone interested in digital innovation for healthy ageing to understand the opportunities and avenues available for support.

You will hear from successful digital health industry start-ups and SME’s from both continents that have made an impact and are now ready for international expansion.

You will also hear from the AHSN Network and AGE-WELL network about its three-year collaboration and how its UK-Canadian innovation exchange programme aims to share knowledge and foster learning amongst innovators and stakeholders in the healthcare space.

What you will gain:

  • An understanding of the (digital) health innovation ecosystems in the UK and Canada – and the sources of support available to (digital) health innovators
  • An understanding of how the AHSN Network and AGE-WELL network can support (digital) health innovators
  • See examples of successful innovations in this space.


  • Dr Greg Christie, CTO of Digital Health Circle
  • Michael Fergusson, CEO and Founder of Ayogo
  • Paul McGarry, Head of Greater Manchester Combined Authority
  • Lee Omar, Founder & CEO of SafeSteps Ltd.
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