1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Greater Manchester Care Record Inaugural Research Seminar


The event is open to all clinicians, researchers and NHS/University staff across Greater Manchester.


The Greater Manchester Care Record (GMCR) research platform provides GM researchers and clinicians, including those within the Manchester BRC, trustworthy, safely governed access to a wealth of deidentified data to support world-leading research.

The first studies launched using the GMCR have supported GM’s response to COVID-19, including understanding trends and risks to public health and those communities at highest risk, how the disease affects those with other health conditions, and preventing and controlling its spread.

This event will look at some of the successes of the GMCR’s first year and early study results, as well as how the GMCR will support further studies, both around COVID-19 and wider conditions. Among the speakers will be Manchester BRC’s Professor Niels Peek, Informatics & Data Sciences Cross-Cutting Theme Lead.

For more information, please contact Ruth Norris, Head of Digital Strategy, Manchester BRC/GMCR Research Operations Manager



Chair – Niels Peek

Welcome and housekeeping (1): Ruth Norris, GMCR Research Operations Manager

GMCR Introduction from Health Innovation Manchester (5): Ben Bridgewater, Chief Executive, Health Innovation Manchester

GMCR Research (5): Niels Peek, Professor of Health Informatics, University of Manchester. Chair, GMCR Research Operations Group

GMCR First completed studies (15min each inc QA)

  • Frequency of recording of self-harm episodes in primary care records in GM: retrospective cohort study examining the impact of Covid-19: Dr Sarah Steeg, Presidential Fellow, University of Manchester
  • Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on healthcare utilisation in patients with chronic long-term conditions: Dr Stuart Grant, Clinical Lecturer, University of Manchester & Cardiovascular Surgeon, Manchester NHS FT
  • The equitability of the UK COVID-19 vaccination strategy: Dr Ruth Watkinson, Research Associate, University of Manchester

Close: Niels Peek

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