12:00:00 - 13:00:00

Developing a National AHSN Pipeline and Portfolio Approach


Work is taking place to develop a new national AHSN pipeline and portfolio management approach.

The first phase of this work has now been completed and this webinar will explain the progress made so far, the learnings and the next stops in the process.

Earlier this year, AHSN Chief Officers agreed to support the development of a national approach in order to establish a shared view of the pipeline of innovation across the AHSN Network.

This includes the mechanisms by which proposals are identified, assessed, prioritised, and supported through to deployment and adoption at scale. It will provide a framework for managing the internal processes of the AHSNs, with common gateways decision points based on shared criteria, data categorisation and the recognised requirements that distinguish an innovation as ready for roll-out, allowing local execution of projects that can then easily be aggregated for a national view. It follows an approach taken by Health Innovation Manchester to develop a methodology and tool which enables visualisation of the region’s innovation pipeline.

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