Barclays Health Elevate Event

Our specialist Health, Wellbeing and Life Sciences team support the businesses and innovators working on new and emerging technologies helping to solve societies biggest healthcare challenges.

Barclays Health Elevate event brings together industry experts, innovators, health and social care providers, academics and health professionals from across the industry to showcase transformation through collaboration, innovation and technology.

During the day you will hear experts covering the following topics.

  • The Future of Healthcare
    Providing insight into the potential challenges and opportunities in the healthcare sector over the next 12 months and beyond
  • Sustainable Healthcare
    Understanding the actions healthcare businesses can take to help advance net zero in their operations
  • Disruptive Technology
    Discussing strategies around how AI could potentially be integrated into regulated environments.
  • Meet the Innovators
    Demonstrating technical solutions in the health, wellbeing and life sciences industry.
  • Immersive Technology Showcase
    Exploring the possibilities of virtual reality within healthcare training, pain management, rehabilitation and beyond.
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