Clinical Pathway Reviews

The Clinical Pathway Review Team is staffed by Registered Nurses with over 10 years’ experience of reviewing clinical pathways and providing clinical service redesign solutions. The unique intelligence gained from pathway reviews supports commissioning decisions in improving care and health outcomes for patients and communities.

The process: a given clinical pathway is reviewed and benchmarked against:

  1. the current service specifications
  2. national guidelines

A rigorous, evidenced-based approach is applied to ensure objectivity and consistent measurement. The results are fed back to clinical and commissioning teams via a series of presentations and a final written report is produced.

The following clinical pathway reviews have been undertaken in the last 2 years:

  • End of life care review
  • Community treatment room review
  • District nursing services review
  • Children and young people’s mental health service review
  • Cataract surgery review
  • Intermediate care review
  • Non-elective inpatient point prevalence review
  • GM neurological rehabilitation inpatient point prevalence review
  • Children’s zero day review
  • Children short stay admissions review
  • Re-admissions review

The majority of reviews include a clinical and demographic profile together with the specific review objectives agreed by the UM Unit and the commissioner.

Bespoke reviews can also be undertaken where a CCG has a specific pathway that requires evaluation or when a clinical service is experiencing a change in demand and a review is required.