Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Discovery

Project involvement opportunities

Health Innovation Manchester is working in collaboration with Boehringer Ingelheim to help the NHS understand the care of patients with CKD within the Greater Manchester health and care system.

Project objectives

The aim of the project is to understand the prevalence of CKD in the Greater Manchester region, and identify how current resources are utilised including the pathways and their impact on patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals.

The project will also identify opportunities for improving integration, outcomes, and the experiences of patients and professionals throughout the CKD journey.

Why should I get involved?

Bringing together insights and ideas from previous workshops, these sessions will explore opportunities, priorities and solutions to help improve the CKD pathway across Greater Manchester.

With input from patients, carers, healthcare professionals and stakeholders who are involved in the CKD pathway, we can work together to accurately map the CKD journey, develop solutions to barriers, and improve outcomes and experiences for everyone.

A community group, with members of the pubic of different ages and sex.

What is involved?

Taking part will involve a 3-hour workshop in Greater Manchester. See workshop dates and locations below.

Through group sessions we will use a process called Journey Mapping to exchange experiences, understand the key issues, and needs of multiple stakeholders and identify opportunities for improving the CKD pathway and patient care.

This design approach is participatory, enabling each contributor in small groups to contribute their expertise and experience to the process. The workshops will be facilitated by The Care Lab, a team of designers specialised in health care.

Recruitment criteria, Workshop dates and locations


  • Aged 18+ years,
  • Living within Greater Manchester,
  • Living with or caring for someone with Chronic Kidney Disease

Workshop dates:

  • Friday 15 March 2024, 10.00am-13.00pm. Citylabs 1.0, Manchester, M13 9NQ


  • Health, care and other professionals involved in managing CKD within the patient pathway in Greater Manchester.

Workshop dates:

  • Tuesday 12 March, 17.00-20.00pm. Citylabs 1.0, Manchester, M13 9NQ
  • Wednesday 13 March, 17.00-20.00pm. Citylabs 1.0, Manchester, M13 9NQ
  • Thursday 14 March, 13.00-16.00pm. Citylabs 1.0, Manchester, M13 9NQ

What will you do with my data?

Any information you share during the session will be anonymized and used only for the purposes of the project. Participation is voluntary and you will have the opportunity to opt out at any time.

Recruiting until

14 March 2024

Want to take part or learn more?

Contact us at

Our PPI partners

This webpage has been produced as part of a collaborative working partnership between Health Innovation Manchester and Boehringer Ingelheim Ltd.

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